Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A walk in the rain!

J and I went for a walk the other day. He was still willing to hold my hand - makes a momma's heart skip a beat when that happens! We walked up a big hill.
On the way back down, it started to rain.
We got pretty darn wet. But it was good exercise.
Today, no rain. Possibly another walk - down to see the horse that was born last week. Hopefully J will want to join me.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Fly Fisherman

J and his dad went fishing on the Firehole river in Yellowstone National Park. He caught more fish than his dad, according to him. I'm not sure his dad has the exact same story, but I know J is a good fly fisherman. And I'm proud of that!
He's also a bit of a ham! He's wearing his new waders and showing off a bit in these pictures.
Its fun to watch him beginning to do more and more of the grown up activities with his dad.
These photos were taken this morning in our creek behind the barn. Things are green around here, and wet too, as we've had just a ton of rain. Good for crops, not so good for getting a chance to go out and work in my garden. Oh well, I'll get there someday!