Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Year in Review

Oh my gosh are there tons of photos that tell about this year. Honestly, when I went to select photos for this post I ended up with over 200. Don't fear, I will NOT be using 200 photos in this post. I just had to cull it down, but I admit, this is still a very picture heavy post! So what did we do in 2008?
We laughed (Well, it looks like only J laughed, but really, we all did!):
We camped: We played: We sledded:
We hiked:
We fished: We visited with friends: We mourned:
We got a new car: We visited with family: We rested: We worked: We tried new sports: We went to Yellowstone: We jumped:
We learned:
We observed the beauty God has provided: And we loved each other:
There were a lot more things we did, but no time or room here to relive all of them.
Honestly, it was a good year. A bit stressful at times, but a good year. We go into 2009 with the comfort of knowing that God will provide for us, the gratitude of knowing that God has blessed us with so much, and the excitement of knowing that God has a plan for our future. What more could we ask for?