Thursday, July 31, 2008

Old Favorites

Today J and I are off on a mom/son hike to Lava Lake. It's a challenging hike, but one he has mastered before. Lots of up to get there - like I don't think there is a single down step until you get to the lake. Last year when we did it we took our time and he did beautifully going up, and fell down five major spills on the way back down. But he loved swimming in the lake. (No pictures because it was a bright and beautiful day where the pictures stunk!)
Last night I was playing with my PSE a bit, trying to learn some new techniques. That was all find and dandy, but I made one great photo, and now I can't find where it got saved. Typical of me - forget little details like that! Ugh.
While I was looking for it I came across photos from last year that I really like and decided to share them with you - oh, aren't you so thrilled! Looking at someone you barely know's old photos. It's the good life, I tell you!

Have a great day, and if I get any good pics from this hike I'll be sure to post them.

Hoping to do some crafting tonight. I'd like to have at least one project done this week that I can post and share!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Early Morning Romp

Woke up early this morning to a sky full of beautiful colors and clouds. Jumped out of bed (well, maybe that's a bit of exaggeration implying speed that wasn't there), pulled on some sweats, grabbed the camera and went out for a relaxing romp around our property. Just what I needed creatively. I didn't take and good photos yesterday, and the day pretty much ended with a funk - probably had more to do with the expensive trip to the dentist than the lack of photo taking. Anyway, I just thought this little photo excursion around the yard would do me good, and it did.

Oh, and one little disclaimer. We don't own all those fields! Just our five and a half little acres, but the surrounding properties are so pretty and so photogenic! But every photo was taken from our property. I love living here!

Have a great day!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Nothing to Blog about today.

Sorry, just can't think of anything to say except that I went to the dentist, and now I'm tired and my mouth hurts. Maybe that's why I don't have anything to say today. Ever have a day like this? Usually for me life is got something exciting or remarkable, but not today. Oh well. Hopefully tomorrow will be more interesting.

Monday, July 28, 2008

That Boy Is So Dang Stubburn!

We went on a wonderful hike up to Blackmore Lake last evening. It was beautiful. And let me just tell you right from the front, yes we carried bear spray, and it is the first time I have ever unholstered mine and had it ready to go. Just as we were about 100 yards from the car on the way back down, I heard a bear. No question in my mind it was a bear growling. I did not see it in the brush, but it was there. I yelled at it as I was getting the spray out, and that probably is what scared it away - noise is my friend. This is the second time I've hiked up in that area, and the second time I've heard but not seen a bear in that area. Hum, think I see a trend here!

Anyway, J was a great hiker, no complaints although there was a lot of up to get to the lake. He brought his fishing gear - fly rod and this crazy pink rubber worm that his dad told him would not work, but he was convinced in his 8 year old mind was going to be an absolute success. Thus, the stubbornness begins!
The lake was beautiful when we got there, but shallow, marshy and not a single fish rising. Did not bode well for catching fish. But, J remained certain there were fish in that lake and he was going to catch one. Okay. So Andy set up the rod.

A side note here, for those of you who have not yet heard me brag on my boy's fly fishing abilities. Put a rod in that kid's hands and he casts beautifully. Puts the fly where he wants it, when he wants it, with little or no effort. Amazing! Has taken me years to become a mediocre caster, and he just does it like it was breathing. Been that way since he was 4 or 5 years old.

So, as Andy is setting up the rod we get the long draw out conversation between them about whether or not they are going to use that pink worm. J is certain, Andy says not a good idea, J realizes that was not an out and out "NO!" so he pushes some more. I intervene and try to tell J that papa has said "No." J points out that actually he hasn't used that word, and he's been quiet for a while, and if J continues to talk he might give in. UGH!!!!!!! I'm ready to push the kid off the rock and into the lake because I'm so frustrated with him! But at the same time I wanted to burst out laughing because he was so wedded to an idea that just wouldn't work - and he would not let go of it. I do love him, so I didn't push him in the lake. To his credit he was cheerful the whole time he did presented his case, not whinny or fussy or angry, just absolutely determined he was right and we were wrong. I guess that is what you get when two attorneys have a child.

Andy did teach J to "haul," which is a way of achieving more line speed, while letting out a lot of line. J seemed not to be paying attention, but when given the chance to try it on his own, he did it correctly right away. He also had to cast somewhat from the side because of tree cover from behind, and he did that without a hitch in his cast as well. The kid is a fly fishing phenom, I tell you!
At one point J noticed some interesting bugs in the water - emerging flies, in their pupal states, as well as a few other things. That caught his attention, and he was especially fixated on rescuing a little caterpillar that fell into the water. That wrapped up our time at the lake, and we headed home for a late dinner.

I'm telling you, the stubbornness of that boy may send me to the loony bin one of these days. Definitely on this weeks list to crack down on the back talk and the constant questioning of every single thing we ask of him. Love his zest for life, but it needs a little reining in right now!

Oh, and I'm including this one last photo, which is not the greatest quality due to fading light as we were walking back down to the car, but it is the absolute slenderest I have looked in years! It's deceptive, I'm not really that slender, but I will cherish this photo until I am really like that or better!

Have a great day!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Laid Back Saturday

Our little camper was so tired that he slept until noon yesterday! Never has he done that before.

We had a great day of laid back activities - like sitting in the cool garage while Daniel did some practicing with his new bead maker.

And running through the sprinklers - Daniel and Stacy joined the kids for this. Andy watched, but earlier he was mowing the lawn, and was frequently ambushed by the children with a hose, so he got his share of wet. I was the only one to stay dry all day! Yeah for me, because, let me tell you, that water comes out of the well at about 56* and that is COLD!

Here are a couple of pics of personalities. They've both got them in spades!

Today, after church, we're off for a little family hike - don't know where yet. Nice relaxing weekend!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Did two challenges

in one layout. Really wanted to do both of these challenges. The first challenge was to use a bow on your layout and is sponsored over at Studio Calico. Well, using bows not something I do often with only a son and a husband to scrap about on a regular basis, but I thought I should make the effort. The second challenge was to scrap about something that comforts you over at The Design Experiment. And that was easy.

The photo is from our hike last Tuesday. The journaling reads: He doesn't announce it, he just quietly starts to pray. We took cover from the rain under some brush. As we waited Andy started to pray out loud for Jansse. So romantic to have such a wonderful spiritual leader for my husband.

We are going to have a fun day if our tired camper ever wakes up. He gets to play with his cousin D today, and they always have fun together. Doing a bit of a BBQ with Daniel and Stacy, which should be fun as it's been weeks since we got together with them.
Gotta get going with the day because I've got some errands to do in town before our company comes. Have a great Saturday!

Friday, July 25, 2008

He's home!

At 11:30 we were there to see the closing show, have a bar-b-que, and most importantly, pick up our boy!

He had a great time. Wanted to go again next week if he could - no go because next week is for kids older than him, and we would miss him way too much.
He's got his personality in tact! (sorry for the blurry photo - bad lighting conditions!)
He got sad as we were getting ready to leave because he wanted to play with his friends more. The woes of being an only child who lives in the boon-docks include losing opportunities to play with others when you go home.
Here he is with three of his cabin mates and one of his counselors. He really seemed to have bonded with all of them! We really liked both his counselors!
When he go home there was no way Bo was leaving his side. It was amazing how closely Bo followed him around. The fact that it was obvious that Bo missed him was a real high point for J.

So, it appears he never used soap the whole five days as the brand new bar sent with him is still in its original packaging - and his body stank! He claims he showered - twice. I guess this is probably pretty normal for 8 year old boys, but first thing I had him do when we got home was shower. And he got in there and was singing contemporary hymns he learned at camp. That was nice.

He's super tired - the camp program director told all of us parents to expect that! He's a little grumpy (goes with being tired) but he is also willing to cuddle and be read to, which is very affirming to parents who missed him terribly.

So glad to have him home!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I'm Here, Just Late Today!

It wasn't a busy day. I wasn't depressed. I really have no excuse for not blogging earlier except that I just didn't feel like I had anything to say. I know, amazing because you never thought that would happen. It did.

But, here I am, and I've thought of something - lucky you! Hehehehehehe!

I worked on some scrapbooking related things today. A lot of time went into making a circle journal for a group at Studio Calico. Here are a couple of sneak peeks. Don't want to spoil the whole surprise for the ladies doing the journals, but this give you an idea.

You never knew I could do something like that with a couple pieces of torn up cardboard, did you!

Got up early this morning to feed Carin's animals. All went well. Here is Woody, the bottom butting goat, who left me alone this morning, much to my delight!

We get our little guy back tomorrow (from camp, that is) and are so excited. Then we're having a weekend with his cousin D, and that is always great fun. So, hopefully a little more to blog about soon and maybe some super cute kid pictures for Grandpa and any other relatives who might stop by!