Monday, April 20, 2009


Just posting a couple of photos from the weekend - two from a photo shoot and one from a hike.
Spring is here - meaning the snow in the yard is melted and the grass is greening! So fun.
J home sick today with cough that hurts his chest. That means we get a day at home, and I'm going to use it to get this house spiffy clean! Lots of work ahead.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

A New Mini

I'm working on a canvas mini album for a class on National Scrapbooking Day. I'll use these two canvas fabrics:

and lots of other artsy fun elements. I'm excited to get going on it. My space is almost clean enough to photography, so hopefully tomorrow or Saturday I can show it off to the world.

Lots of snow here this week. Things are busy, but good. Seems like I've been away from home most days, and while I enjoy what I'm doing away from home, I miss just hanging around here too.

Have a blessed and wonderful Thursday!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Time Flies!

At least for me it does! It seems like things are chugging along at quite a quick pace. I guess that is good.

Easter was wonderful. I'm sprinkling this post with photos of our relaxing day.

Andy got home mid-day, in time to enjoy the sunshine we had. Literally, we got to watch the grass grow. At 11:00 I took a photo of my niece and wanted a green background, but there was only one patch of green grass. By 5 p.m. three were 10 or eleven patches that were green enough for my purpose. Kind of cool.

But, just to rain on my parade, we'll be getting rain and snow the next three days - bringing about the cancellation of the maternity shoot I was going to do. Well, actually a reschedule, not a cancellation.

Still have lots of stuff going on, but I'm becoming more comfortable with the level of activity - at least for now. Most things I'm enjoying, and that is part of what makes it all worth the effort.

Right now I'm excited for the National Scrapbook Day activities I'm planning. Hoping to use my new space for classes that day, with an evening crop. Met with Kristii to plan out some details, and it just gets me so excited. I've got to put the finishing touches on that room, and fast! Want to show it to Kristii on Friday evening. Biggest challenge will be getting enough lighting for the evening part of the event. But I've got some low cost ideas for that. I also went by the fabric store and picked up some canvas to make a canvas mini album for my class. Potential sneak peek at that later this week.

These are what I found during the Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday. Pretty cool! Love the first flowers of the season! Can't wait for more!

Happy Tuesday to everyone!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Learning to Whistle!

He's practicing all the time. Since Sunday, when he only had one note, he's added a few. He's excited about this skill! So cute, but I admit, sometimes the constant noise borders on driving me bananas.

Busy funky day today: Mary Kay follow up appointment, grocery shopping, pick up prescriptions, banking, meeting regarding a women's event at church, and then a root canal procedure for me. All with J tagging along as there is no school for him today. I think I'll come home and flop into bed after - although I need to be more available for Andy, as he gets on a plane first thing tomorrow morning to go to the funeral.

I'm thinking this may be one of those days where I am glad it ends!

I got yet another call about doing a family photo early this morning, which is just a thrill for me. And an encouragement as well!

It's Good Friday, with so much meaning, somberness and yet hope. I pray a blessing on all of you as you go through this day!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

...with grace.

I was listening to the radio this morning and on Focus on the Family they were talking about mom's and wives as managers and CEO's of their household. After a long list of tasks and issues that we moms deal with the host said maybe some of us handle all of that "with grace." I almost drove off the road laughing at that! I'm not sure I handle it all in the first place, and if I do, I know I don't do it gracefully. But I'm working on it. Yes, that is me, just about 20 minutes ago. I thought it would be good to catch an image of myself, since I haven't done it in awhile.

It's been four days since I blogged, and it feels like eons. I haven't even had much time to check other people's blogs these days. Lots of stuff going on, with plenty of opportunities to see how God has been faithful!

He's bringing signs of spring: These are the columbine in my garden, which are surrounded by patches of snow, but showing strength and encouragement anyway just by their very presence! And here is J on a walk with me last Sunday:

With this young man as my son I don't think I could ever think anything but that God is good!

This was today, in the back yard, and I love how you can see the reflections of the branches of the apple tree in the rain drop - yes RAIN DROP, which means the snow is being washed away a bit today - HURRAY!

My start with Mary Kay has been a good one, and thanks very much to God, I am really enjoying it. I was so sure it would always be awkward and uncomfortable, but really, in His faithfulness God has allowed me to connect with the women I'm interacting with and it has often been a time of laughter, encouragement (both from me and to me) and joy. And, all signs are that it will go a long way towards meeting my income goals, which is such a sign of hope for me!

I'm also facing a little spurt of photography activity - one for pay, and one for fun. I'll be doing a fun photo for a friend's daughter next weekend. My friend is just in awe of how grown up her daughter looked in her prom dress, so we are going to document that! And also next week, I'll be doing my first ever maternity shoot with a woman I met while studying in the Library in January. Don't know how the weather will be for that maternity shot, but I'm thinking unless it is just too cold or pouring rain (or God forbid, snow) we've got some amazing things we can do outside with the Bridger mountains as the backdrop to her ranch.

I'm in process of organizing my new scrapbooking space - it is amazing how well suited Andy's old office is to a crafting space! So, hopefully in a few days I'll have that to share - and maybe even a project or two that were created there!

In the mean time, here is a photo from Sunday. These eagles are just loving the cottonwood trees across the road from our house. And I am loving getting to see them. This day there were three (3!!!!) within 50 feet of each other almost all afternoon. This is just one of them.

And I was not using my telephoto lens! They just sat up there as I walked around under them on the road!

Tomorrow is not school for J, but we have many errands! Hopefully we can squeeze in a few more photos of him with his eyes open. I'll be back to share more! I've missed blogging, and as I'm figuring out how to make the schedules work with Mary Kay, scrapbooking, Andy's office in town and all my normal household CEO stuff, I'm determined to work blogging in regularly!

Blessings to everyone!

Saturday, April 4, 2009


The only way I know it is spring outside is that I can hear the poor birds singing as they must also be freezing! The outside looks like this:
and I guess I have to admit that this lighting is only available in the spring, so that is another sign of spring. I'm getting home-sick for spring.
Andy is going to California for a funeral next weekend, and I'm jealous that he will see green things - grass, trees, shrubs, etc. 'Course I'm sad he has to go for a funeral, and that he will be gone Easter weekend.
Had my first ever Mary Kay "party" today, and it went really well. I loved the two girls I was working with, and they gave me positive feed back. Looking forward to working with them in the future too!
Got a lot done on moving the scrapbooking space into Andy's old office. Putting things away is going to take awhile, but the bones of the new location are in place, and I'm excited for how it will turn out. Also excited to get in there and do some work when the surfaces are cleaned off!
Hope you're having a great weekend!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Camera Back

Really, it never ended up going away. It took me a couple of days to get into the camera shop, but once there the great guy got it cleaned WHILE I WAITED!

So, here is my boy, being himself! No signs of dirt.

The lighting wasn't great, but I was so glad to have them come out dirt free.

Been a busy but good week. Lots of getting adjusted to the new office location and incorporating Mary Kay activities into my days.

Today I'm excited to work on turning Andy's old office into my new scrapbooking space. Talk about fun!

We're dying for some spring! Last night we got 12 more inches of snow, so it's feeling pretty much like winter here. Last year seemed so unusual with the amount of late snow we got. This year is along the same pattern, and I'm just not sure how I'm going to handle it. I need to wear my dark winter clothes to be warm enough, when I really want to put on bright spring/summer colors and light weight shirts. But I'd freeze, so it's the bulky dark green, brown, black, and navy blue sweaters and jeans and sometimes even long underwear. For those of you in warmer climates, I'm envious!

Andy is going to attend the funeral of a friend next weekend, making our Easter celebration a bit different that we expected. He'll try to fly home on Easter Saturday, right after the service. Hard to have that sadness in our celebration, but God has his hand on all things, so we'll trust it.

If I get far enough along on the scrapbooking room I'll try to post some photos over the weekend. It's a room full of windows, and that alone is so exciting!