Friday, July 16, 2010


As I was driving home today I was thinking about how many blessings we have here in our household.  So, it might just be time to list a few of them.
  • A job that provides health insurance, which in turn means Andy can get his hip fixed after years and years of putting it off.
  • We have the equipment necessary to go fly fishing as a family, and living someplace where we can do that.  So, tomorrow we head up to the Boulder River area to hike in the afternoon, and fish in the evening before coming home.  I've been looking forward to this all week.
  • Our boy is very special, and other people tell us that.  I know this seems a bit like bragging, but today one of the staff at the camp J goes to three days a week sat down and just praised him and his character.  Those are pretty proud mom moments!
  • I have a husband who has ethics and abilities that make him especially good at his job.  We were talking today about how so many attorneys that get involved in some of his cases really are missing an understanding of the implications of their job, and therefore miss the need to be more proactive manner.
  • We have a great member of our church family and neighbor who wants the hay in our field and is therefore willing to cut, bale, and take it.  For Free!
  • This boy is 10, but he still reaches out to hold my hand when we are on a walk, even when we are walking down town and other people will see.  It is so sweet that he's comfortable showing affection towards his momma, and it certainly makes me feel good!

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Anonymous said...

Great to see Daniel in your photo too.