Sunday, July 4, 2010


On Friday we picked this guy up from a very fun week at camp.  He definitely enjoyed it, and is glad he gets to go back at the end of July too.

I was so glad to see him that I just took photos of him, even though he wasn't doing anything particularly interesting - waiting for the awards ceremony to start and entertaining himself by looking at the sky.
At the awards ceremony he was awarded the "Woodsman Award" for his camp skills performance.  It is the highest honor in camp skills that is available, and he was proud to get it. 

We spent Saturday mostly down in Big Sky with family, cutting down some beetle killed trees.  It was a lot of work to get four trees down, bucked, split and stacked, but we had a nice crew to do it with.
J brought two axes and showed is younger cousin B how to use them - they cut off a lot of little branches that would have been cut with the chainsaw easier, but they enjoyed it, and it gave them a way to participate and contribute to the days work.  those two also helped to run the splitter - a big deal to young boys, and this time a chore that really is helpful!  I also loved the fact that the boys got to work with their grandfather. 
The adults worked very hard too!
In one of the trees was a magpie nest, with a deceased momma sitting on it.  Kind of gross, but really not.  The kids (especially my boy) were fascinated by it, and curious to know what killed her (we have no idea). 
There was also the opportunity for some fun!  J loves to tramp, although we don't have one.  He was excited to learn to do a flip, and called me over to photo him!
We are off to enjoy a dinner and fireworks with some friends from church.  Happy Fourth of July everyone!

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