Tuesday, July 20, 2010


This morning, as I was finishing up a bike ride before work, I skidded out as I transitioned from the pavement to the gravel driveway, and I went down hard. 

These things do happen in slow motion - I think I had 100 full sentence thoughts as I was falling down.  And at one point I actually thought I might pull the bike out of the slide.  (so much for deluding myself to thinking I might have an ounce of humility in mt soul!)

Then, as my chin hit the ground I literally thought "Oh d---!  Biking helmets don't protect the face!  I'm really gonna be really pretty now."

But when I tried to get up, assessing various limbs and joints as I went, I quickly realized I had a major problem in my left shoulder. 

And I realized that Andy was gone early to Helena - he would not be able to help me.  I called a friend from church who lives close by, and she helped me out.

After I got it x-rayed, the Dr said its broken.

Right at the top of the head of the humerus.  (this is not my x-ray, its one I downloaded from the internet.)

It hurts!

I'll be in sling for close to a month.  With physical therapy in about two weeks.  And as long as the piece stays in place, no surgery.
J is gone to camp this week, so I've got aouple days to get used to one handed/armed living before full-time mom duties kick in.
 Life is nothing if not interesting. 

Oh, yeah, I admit I will have to slow down when I get back on the bike.

Typing one-handed is slow, so I'm done here tonight.  I hope I've given all those who need to know enough info, without boring those who don't.


Jenn said...

Oh man...bummer! Prayers for a speedy recovery!

Kelly Noel said...

oh my goodness, i'm so sorry. that sounds really painful! i hope you have a quick recovery!

Michelle said...

Sounds painful! Prayers for a swift recovery and adjustment to living "one-handed".

lisa dickinson said...

ouch - that's a bummer! hope you're healing quickly susan beth!