Sunday, July 11, 2010

I HAD A DATE . . .

with this wonderful young man.

We went down town and wondered around to various stores.  I think his favorite store was the The Chocolate Moose (candy store), followed closely by the new rock store - rocks for $2500 we a bit out of our price range, but cool to look at.
We didn't have much money to spend - just $3.00 at the candy store and them a burger for dinner.  You would be amazed how much candy a 10 year old can buy for $3.00!  He was careful to get a variety and to get things that were unique.
He confided in me that he can smell through is mouth.  He explained that it is a genetic mutation, and he is the start of a new ability in the world - he concluded this because he doesn't know anyone else who can smell through their mouth.  But, being the good Christian, Petra student, he was very clear that this is not evolution, just genetic mistake as the result of sin in the world.

Other things about this guy:
  • He'd like to paint his room with brown chalk board paint - he's inspired by my use of it on the door to our garage.
  • He's currently singing "Paridise City" by Guns and Roses, which I'm certain he heard on the rock station he and his dad listen to when they are in the truck together.
  • His smelling mouth does not seem to have an "off" mode this day - word streams have been pouring out since he woke up this morning.  I thought girls were supposed to be the talkative ones.
  • Today when we went to get the car looked at from the hail damage, and the insurance company was giving kids teddy bears, he acted all cool and everything, but he snuggled that bear the whole way home.
  • He's beginning his second week without cows milk, and I see a big difference - he is much less anxious.  Not the response I was expecting, but it is a good thing.  We'll try three more weeks of no cow dairy and see what happens when he tries dairy again.  My theory is that he just generally feels better, and that is why he is less anxious.

On our date we had burgers at Burger Bob's downtown.  We'd never been there, but it was pretty good.  For a burger and fried dinner.
Just to change the subject and be totally random, this is what the sunsets have been like here the last week or so.

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Fuzzy said...

Unless I'm mistaken you had an affinity for Axle Rose many moons ago! Sounds like you guys had a great date!