Sunday, July 18, 2010


These two are such good friends!  On hot days they share the same spot on the hardwood floors.
Being the younger of the two, Sophie is perhaps a shorter napper and very quick to think it is time to play.  She's just that way.  Usually, Leo doesn't mind.  He just lays there and tolerates her antics.
Except when she bites his toes.
Which she almost always does!  Then he gives a quick harrumph of a growl, and pulls his toes away.
She gets the message and settles down for a few minutes, only to start the whole thing over again.

They are indeed good friends!


Jenn said...

Our dog Rosie is quite good friends with Kit-Kit (our youngest addition of cats here) The funny thing is, I think Rosie is her friend because she feels guilt-ed into it! Kit0Kit doesn't give up so Rosie just goes along with it! I too might have to snap some pics next time Kit-Kit is "loving up" Rosie! Very cute!

lisa truesdell said...

heeeeeeeeeeee - cute pics!!

Amy Coose said...

LOL, how sweet are these pics?

Allison said...

Oh my! Sooo cute!

Christa said...

Oh how cute!

Kimberly said...

How ADORABLE! Love these pictures! xoxo