Tuesday, July 6, 2010


These are not photos from today - as you might guess, they are from Sunday.  But I think I'll write about today.

It wasn't a bad day, but it sure left me with a lot of things on my mind.  Poor Andy is going to have to process about 6 million of my words tonight because I've got so much to tell him.  Its all stuff that is important to me, but none of it is probably all that interesting in the details to those who don't associate with our school and our friends and my family. 
Just to give you a bit of a taste, I had:
  •  Two meetings today - one very good one with a board member from our school, the other also very good one with someone I was referred to as a potential mentor, which was either the most encouraging meeting or most discouraging meeting I've had related to my job.  
  • One quick  good interaction with someone who wields a great deal of political power in areas that are of great concern to me.
  • One piece of good, interesting, and somewhat surprising news about a friend;
  • One teary phone call from my little sister that ended well after she shared her heart about some hurts she had experienced;
  • An unexpected chance to chat with someone I know, but now know even better; and
  • Once chance to have a deep conversation with a long time friend who I just don't get to see very often anymore.
All that, plus the typical stuff of dropping J at a friends, working a full day at the school, including printing invitations for the ground breaking, doing Andy's office filing and some "collections" stuff for his office, and running a couple of errands before coming home. 


 What A Day!

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Christa said...

Wow, you did have quite a day! Love that second photo!